Dual Staking Pairs
Bring Utility & Visibility to your Project. Get your staking pair today!
Good to know: Great for new projects requiring development time, growth in holders and providing additional token utility.
Launch your DeFi project with added utility and even more visibility with a Coinflect Dual Staking Pair. Developers will be able to create their staking pair and give more opportunities for holder to earn additional rewards.​ Great for new projects needing developmen time and provide additional utility. Get your staking pair today.

Benefits of A Dual Staking Pair

Gain Holders

One of the benefits of having a dual staking pair with Coinflect is the increase in holder that will occur during the course of the pair. As coinflect holder stake for your token, they inturn become holders of your token once they recieve their rewards. This is a great way to encourage new investment from Coinflect holders. Staking CFLT provides investors with a safe entry into your project shoudlt hey wish to learn more and invest directly into the paired projects token. Lastly, it provdes project owners a great way to organically attain tracking based visbility from Metamask and or Trust Wallet which requires a target holder count.

Trading Volume

Volume is an extremely important indicator for traders to determine the future profitability of cryptocurrencies. It also helps projects add liquidity and earn revenue by charging taxes on token trades. Why not make your tokenomics work for you? As Coinflect holders stake to earn your token, others may hold and other will sell. Whether you’re position yourself for an exchange listing or meeting requirements for trending services like Coin Market Cap, Coinflect can help you create organic volume with a dual staking pair.

Development Time

A crtitical point for the majority of project owners is development. Although most utiltites don't require the same amount of developement time to, what continues to be an issue is the sell pressure shortly after launch. Offering your investors the opportunity to stake their tokens over the course of 60 days allows you, the project owner, to maintain a less volatile token price as you work towards offering your utility to the public.

Added Utility

Providing your token holders the ability to earn CFLT rewards will incentivize them to hold. For the average investor, staking is an easy way to put their tokens to work for passive income. In addition to no lock-up time, users of the Coinflect platform get the freedom to stake and un-stake tokens with no tax. Holders can also enjoy the benefit of claiming reward tokens after a 24-hour period is completed with only a fee of 5% on the rewards claimed. Should investors wish to unstake prior to completing a 24 cycle, they will simply forfeit the value of rewards that they would have earned in that period. This option allows investors to remain in control and manage their investments freely.


Over the course of 60 days, your staking pair will not only make Coinflect holders your hodlers, but investors from other connected projects can earn your token. As our ecosystem encourages investors to venture from project to project in the search of APRs and lucrative rewards, the potential for more holders grows exponentially.

How Soon Can We Start a Pair?

Pools require 2-4 days for development and testing. All pool liquidity must be provided before development begins. (We do not launch pairs on weekends)